The CRUPE Foundation is a not-for-profit, charitable foundation established and based in Switzerland


The CRUPE Foundation is a not-for-profit charitable foundation, run by Michele Fleury Robertson and established to help better lives through building in developing countries. We focus on building because we believe that buildings bring people shelter, security, social interaction and meaning. In all our projects we are building safe places for people to live, work, play or create in.

Our buildings are extremely energy efficient in order to contribute to a sustainable future.

We partner with other charities and participate with governments in initiatives which are aligned with the foundations objectives including social housing, educational and community programmes.


Escuela N° 200 is a special school that works with kids and teens with severe motor disabilities and associated deficits – mental, intellectual, visual, auditive and/ or language related. They provide academic curricular education from pre-school to Y6 of primary school. Besides, they develop multiple workshops for stimulation and development of skills and abilities. It aims at the inclusion of the disabled children both socially and academically. The school works mainly with kids from low income families and most of its work is based on donations.

The kids urgently need the gym in order to help their rehabilitation programs, for regular exercise and games, to generally stimulate their development and of course to have some fun!

The Crupe Foundation has decided to donate the missing amount to build the gym for the children with special needs. In addition to the gym itself, Escuela N° 200 is in constant need of new equipment etc. in order to provide a good education for these children. Interested in helping? If you are, please donate!


Esmono School

Esmono School in Haiti is funded by Otto Hegnauer and caters for for over 300 children which could easily rise to 500 children if space would permit, who could not otherwise attend the school at all. Most of them are orphans who lost their parents during the earthquake in 2010. Click here to view the trailer of a film directed by the Haitan film maker, Raoul Pack, about the earthquake aftermath.

The school is located in the Montagnes Noires behind Port au Prince, the capital of Haiti. Like most locals, Otto lost everything to the earthquake and after returning to his native Switzerland, decided to go back to Haiti and help the locals battle the aftermath of the tragedy. He is 80 years old and supports the Esmono School with his state pension. (

At this stage the school is very basic – with no fresh water or kitchen and with only one latrine, they only have a few very basic school materials. In fact, the children start to learn to read with used tins or packaging – really anything they can find with letters printed on it!

The CRUPE Foundation has decided to help and firstly pay for the container and the freight to actually transport the donated goods to Haiti. Furthermore, we have helped with the purchase of a second estate to enlarge the school for the daily growing amount of children. And last but not least, we have paid for three toilets to be built at the school in order to improve the kids’ and teachers’ hygiene. And, together with your help, the CRUPE Foundation would like to extend the support to Esmono School by building a new kitchen as well as many more other things – the list is long!

Esmono School

Starlight Solar Lighting

The CRUPE Foundation distributes Starlights all over the world. This simple lighting option is extremely useful to many people around the world and can substantially improve the quality of their lives.

The Starlights are small but bright solar-powered lights which can be used for reading, for children to do their homework etc. in places where electricity is not a normality.

The Starlights can be charged though out the day by putting them outside and used at night when the sun goes down. They are very easy to use and handy to carry everywhere.


Starlight Solar Lighting

Community & Art Room

A short drive from Nakorn Panon airport sits Mukdaharn, a tiny underdeveloped village in Northern Thailand, where most people live in very simple conditions. Khnun Noi, a village local who spent the past few years in Bangkok, has decided to move back home and make a difference by opening a café and an art gallery. The CRUPE Foundation together with the Raja Project have decided to help by building a 40m2 community/ art room near Khnun Noi’s café so that it can be used by the whole village.

The sheltered space will allow the locals to work, learn and create, in a space that will be particularly beneficial to the children of the village. During the rainy months they will be able to play, paint, do handcraft, play music, read, and just be happy. The community and art room will be a bright and positive place.

The women and men of Mukdaharn will be able to use the room for weaving baskets which they can then sell in order to provide for their families an Khun Noi is even thinking of offering English classes to the community. If you would like to help us improve the lives of these people, please make a donation.

Community & Art Room

Thank you for helping us change the lives of many.

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